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COP 28 Starts Nov 30 amid calls for fossil fuel phase-out

November 26, 2023
“..current pledges under the Paris Agreement put the world on track for a 2.5-2.9°C temperature rise above pre-industrial levels this century..” 1. Act Now Dr. Kate Marvel (wiki), climate scientist at Project Drawdown and one of the authors of Fifth National Climate Assessment discussed

Thinning climate deals & melting glaciers

November 12, 2023
Some California area ski resorts are opening this weekend. Alpine skiing World Cup faces questions from climate activists over racing on glaciers in October. France’s Macron says melting glaciers are ‘an unprecedented challenge for humanity’. 1. Act Now “How Midwest Landowners Helped to Derail One of the Biggest CO2 Pipelines Ever Proposed” Harvard professor Naomi

Too negative about fossil fuels

“The rejected textbooks included climate-crisis policy solutions, and conservative board members criticized them for being too negative about fossil fuels.”
November 19, 2023