An Updated Action Plan for Solving the Climate Crisis | Ryan Panchadsaram and Anjali Grover | TED

When it comes to climate, what are we doing right and where should we focus our efforts next? Systems innovator Ryan Panchadsaram and strategist Anjali Grover talk with TED science curator David Biello about the latest on the world’s progress toward solving the climate crisis — and why there’s more reason for optimism than you might think. Using strategic goal-setting tools that have transformed countless organizations, Panchadsaram and Grover explore the urgent actions needed to steer the planet toward a sustainable future and the pivotal roles of innovation, investment and policy. “The climate story isn’t yet written,” Grover says.

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Key points from video:

  • Climate change can be fixed through a combination of innovation, investment, and policy action.
  • Progress has been made in areas such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, and clean tech funding.
  • Challenges remain in hard-to-abate sectors like concrete and steel production, as well as in the food industry.
  • Success stories in EVs and clean energy deployment demonstrate the potential for rapid change.
  • Hope lies in the dedication of innovators, policymakers, and investors working towards climate solutions.

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