How to visualise Climate Change (ft. Katharine Hayhoe)

April 30, 2024

Climate change is everywhere. And when something’s everywhere it can feel like it’s nowhere. So how do we get our heads around something so huge and abstract – whether it’s thinking about extreme weather, or the fossil fuels producing CO2 and driving the problem? I’m joined by one of my all time climate heroes – Katharine Hayhoe – to share some of our favourite ways of thinking about the climate crisis

Text above is from original video description.

Key points from video:

  • Climate change is like adding extra blankets to the planet, causing it to overheat.
  • Every bit of warming matters, and every action to reduce emissions is crucial.
  • Climate change is not a separate issue but affects every aspect of our lives and the planet.
  • We need to turn off the metaphorical hose of emissions, increase nature’s “drain,” and adapt to the changes.
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