Two years to save the world

April 11, 2024

Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, Simon Stiell, lays out what needs to be done by COP30, and its long-term significance.

On climate, the world has gone from denial to procrastination. Climate inaction is no longer defended by denying the science, but because action is claimed to be ‘too costly’ or unachievable. Yet the time to shape a liveable future is running out, with the decisions taken over the coming two years determining how close to limiting global warming to 1.5°C we will get by the end of the century.

With more than 60 countries going to the polls this year, and nearly 90 per cent of the population in 125 countries wanting stronger climate action, every election is a climate change election. We must now see climate action as a tool to create better, more equitable and cleaner societies, with solid economies built around plentiful, renewable energy.

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Additional Quotes

“Some of you may think the title of today’s event is overly dramatic …melodramatic, even. So, let me start by explaining why the next two years are so essential in saving the planet.”

“Carbon markets have the potential to address some of the calls for innovative sources of finance. The challenge that exists is the immaturity and the abuse of what currently exists.”

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