The Washington Post made an AI chatbot for questions about climate

"..Climate Answers won’t produce a response for questions it doesn’t have an answer for"
July 9, 2024
Screenshot of Climate Answers interface.


  • The Washington Post has introduced a new AI chatbot called Climate Answers, which is aimed at answering questions about climate change and related topics.
  • The chatbot uses articles from The Washington Post’s climate section to generate its responses and provide links to the sources.
  • The chatbot only responds with verified information and does not provide answers to questions it does not have information on.

The Washington Post is sticking a new climate-focused AI chatbot inside its homepage, app, and articles. The experimental tool, called Climate Answers, will use the outlet’s breadth of reporting to answer questions about climate change, the environment, sustainable energy, and more.

Some of the questions you can ask the chatbot include things like, “Should I get solar panels for my home?” or “Where in the US are sea levels rising the fastest?” Much like the other AI chatbots we’ve seen, it will then serve up a summary using the information it’s been trained on. In this case, Climate Answers uses the articles within The Washington Post’s climate section — as far back as the section’s launch in 2016 — to answer questions.

Read the full post at The Verge - Science.

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