New government, new climate story

"No one can credibly claim that climate commitments cost votes."
July 5, 2024


  • Labour party’s ambitious plans for net zero electricity in five years were supported by voters in the UK General Election.
  • The new Parliament represents the most pro-environment Parliament ever, with strong advocates for climate action from different parties.
  • Climate change was not a central issue in the election but voters expect action on climate change from those in power.
  • Public engagement is essential for successful climate action, with a focus on tangible investments and involving people in policy decisions.

Labour has been handed a whopping mandate for its ambitious plans for ‘net zero’ electricity in just five years time, as well as ramping up home insulation and plenty more besides. Climate change was woven through its overall story, and core to its entire plans – in particular the popular policy of Great British Energy.  

The new Parliament will be the most pro-environment Parliament ever. Plenty of strong advocates for climate action will enter the house – not just from Labour, but the Liberal Democrats and of course the four new Green MPs as well. Many of the most pro-climate Conservative MPs held their seats.  Many of the net zero sceptics did not. 


Read the full post at Climate Outreach.

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