How the financial sector can drive the green transition

Touches on ISSB, the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards

At CDP’s Global Disclosure Dialogue 2024, CEO Sherry Madera spoke with London Stock Exchange Group’s Jane Goodland and Ninety One’s Daisy Streatfeild about innovation in sustainable finance and the financial industry’s role in tackling climate and environmental issues. Direct engagement from FIs is a key tool to reinforce the importance of corporate environmental disclosure and what it means to invested stakeholders.

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In a dialogue involving Jane Goodland from CDP, Daisy Streatfeild from Ninety One, and Sherry Madera from London Stock Exchange Group, the conversation revolves around innovations in sustainable finance and the need to take it to the next level. Jane emphasizes the need for accelerated innovation to scale sustainable finance and make it efficient. Daisy talks about the mainstreaming of sustainability and the emergence of products that drive returns as well as positive sustainability impacts.

The role of indices and benchmarks in driving increased attention to ESG and sustainability is discussed, with CDP’s data playing a significant role. The importance of global standards for disclosure, such as ISSB, is highlighted for efficient capital allocation and business strategies. Daisy shares her recent report on the financial sector’s approach to Net Zero, focusing on transition plans and financing reduced emissions in the real economy. The panel agrees on the importance of transition plans with targets, baselines, and tracking, as well as the need for companies to be transparent about their transitions.

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