Google Asks Large Suppliers to Commit to 100% Renewable Energy as Emissions Continue to Rise

"Google announced that it has implemented a new program, Google Renewable Energy Addendum"
July 3, 2024
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  • Google has implemented the Google Renewable Energy Addendum program to ask suppliers to commit to 100% renewable energy match by 2029.
  • Despite Google’s environmental targets, emissions have continued to increase, with Scope 3 emissions accounting for 75% of total emissions.
  • Google’s Scope 2 emissions increased by 37%, with data center electricity consumption outpacing its ability to bring carbon-free energy projects online.

Google announced that it has implemented a new program, Google Renewable Energy Addendum, asking its largest hardware manufacturing suppliers to commit to achieving a 100% renewable energy match by 2029, marking one of the company’s initiatives to address its carbon footprint, which continues to increase, driven by its value chain and data center growth.

The new initiative was announced with the release of Google’s 2024 Environmental Report, highlighting the company’s environmental initiatives, and its progress towards its sustainability goals.

Google’s environmental targets include 2030 goals to reach net zero emissions across its operations and value chain, and to reduce 50% of its combined Scope 1, 2, and 3 absolute emissions, on a 2019 basis, with investments in nature-based and technology-based carbon removal solutions to neutralize remaining emissions.

Despite the company’s target’s however, the report indicated that emissions have continued to increase, rising by 13% in 2023 alone, and up 48% compared to its 2019 base year.


Direct Link to Google’s 2024 Environmental Report, posted this week:

Read the full post at ESG Today.

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