COP29 climate hosts say they’ll keep expanding fossil fuels

Azerbaijan to host COP29 with plans to increase fossil fuel production despite calls to phase them out.
June 7, 2024


  • Azerbaijan plans to continue increasing fossil fuel production while also investing in cleaner alternatives.
  • The COP29 organizers are calling for a “COP truce” to observe a conflict ceasefire during the summit in Baku.
  • Developing countries are seeking more funding from wealthy nations to invest in clean energy and adapt to global warming impacts.

The incoming president of the COP29 UN climate summit in Azerbaijan told AFP on Friday that his country would keep increasing fossil fuel production “in parallel” with investments in cleaner alternatives.

Mukhtar Babayev defended his country’s hosting of the world’s most important climate summit despite its surging natural gas exports, even as UN chief Antonio Guterres renewed calls this week for countries to “phase out” fossil fuels.


Azerbaijan’s president recently described his country’s gas reserves as a “gift of the gods” and pledged to defend other fossil-fuel economies wanting to extract more oil and gas.

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