Most voters don’t know Biden’s climate change policies, poll says

April 24, 2024

Relatively few Americans say they know a lot about President Biden’s initiatives to combat climate change, according to a CBS News poll. Carolyn Kissane, a New York University global affairs associate dean and professor, joins CBS News with more on Biden’s climate policies.

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  • President Biden has made climate change a key issue during his first term in office, with the White House claiming to have done more on this issue than any previous administration.
  • However, relatively few Americans say they know a lot about his efforts to combat global warming, with nearly 50% of respondents stating they have not read or heard about his actions.
  • The Biden administration has put in place several climate forward policies, such as the American Climate Core and the Inflation Reduction Act, but there is a disconnect between these efforts and public perception, especially among young voters.
  • Environmental groups support the administration’s actions, but many voters believe more needs to be done, such as halting fossil fuel production and declaring a climate emergency.

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