Is the world focused enough on climate change?

A state of emergency in Zimbabwe, extreme drought putting millions of people in danger. As wars rage in Gaza and Ukraine, the battle against climate change continues – but arguably makes fewer headlines. Is the world paying enough attention to the threat the entire planet faces?

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  • John Sweeney, Professor Emeritus at Maynooth University, Ireland. contributor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Maurice Onyango (LinkedIn), Regional Head of Disaster Risk Management at Plan International, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Carlo Buentempo is Director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service in Bonn, Germany.


  • Zimbabwe is in a state of emergency due to severe drought, impacting millions. This, along with conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, highlights the ongoing battle against climate change.
  • The world is not paying enough attention to the climate crisis. While wars demand focus, climate change is a global threat requiring immediate action to prevent long-term devastation.
  • Climate change is causing extreme weather events. Rising temperatures, changing sea levels, and disrupted weather patterns are already impacting agriculture, food security, water availability, and natural ecosystems.
  • The international community needs to act now. Droughts, floods, and other climate-related disasters are expected to intensify. Global cooperation and investment in climate adaptation and mitigation are crucial.