Everything You Need to Know about EPA’s New Clean Car Emissions Standards

New US vehicle emissions standards aim to slash pollution and boost health benefits.
March 26, 2024
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From Union of Concerned Scientsts


  • The Biden Administration has finalized new vehicle emissions standards for passenger cars and trucks, set to go into effect in model year 2027 and steadily increase through model year 2032.
  • These standards are the largest climate regulatory action ever taken by the EPA, with an expected reduction of over seven billion tons of climate emissions.
  • The new rules will lead to a decrease in toxic pollution from vehicle tailpipes, resulting in $13 billion in annual health benefits.


  • Transportation is the largest source of climate emissions in the US (29 percent) and passenger cars and trucks account for the majority of this pollution. These new rules represent the largest climate regulatory action ever adopted by EPA and are expected to reduce more than seven billion tons of climate emissions.
  • The global trend toward electric transportation is accelerating and it’s happening in the US too—with EV sales reaching record highs again last year and progress happening in every state (See our state-specific EV factsheets). US automakers—which are also global automakers—risk being left behind if they don’t continue their investment in and deployment of EVs.


Read the full post at Union of Concerned Scientsts.

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