Copernicus online portal offers terrifying view of climate emergency

"Looking at the mass of information, there is only one conclusion: we are running out of time"
March 29, 2024

From The Guardian - Climate Change


  • The Copernicus Climate Change Service atlas provides past data, predicts future climate trends, and allows users to focus on specific regions.
  • Climate Pulse, a part of the atlas for journalists, provides easier access to maps and timelines from 1850 to present day.
  • The atlas shows that scientists may have been underestimating the speed at which the climate is deteriorating.

From the article:

There is so much information on the newly launched Copernicus Climate Change Service atlas that my laptop started to overheat trying to process it all. As well as all the past data, it predicts where the climate is going and how soon we will breach the 1.5C “limit”, and then 2C. You can call up the region where you live, so it is specific to what is happening to you and your family – and all the more disturbing for that.

A separate part called Climate Pulse intended particularly for journalists is easier to operate. The refreshing bit is that the maps, charts and timelines from 1850 to the present day on the main atlas are entirely factual measurements, so there can be no argument on the trends.



Read the full post at The Guardian - Climate Change.

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