Why Don’t We Just Ban Fossil Fuels?

"We’ve banned things before."
February 28, 2024
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  • An overnight ban on fossil fuels is effectively impossible, of course. Other sources of energy such as solar panels, wind turbines and nuclear plants aren’t nearly able to fill the gap today. The economy, starved for energy, would come to a halt.
  • Ideally there would be a smooth, predictable transition from fossil fuels to green alternatives, in which the supply of fossil fuels diminished at the same pace as the demand for them.
  • That’s no excuse for inaction, though. To save the planet, stronger action is essential, Joseph Romm, a physicist who is a senior research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media, told me. He said, “It’s very hard to achieve things you’re not trying to do.”

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Via: https://kottke.org/24/02/0044073-why-dont-we-just-ban

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