Valencia vs Valencia

Spanish waterfront city versus controversial bike lane experiment
January 20, 2024
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CityNerd on Valencia, Spain: “I had intended to make a video about how Valencia, Spain became a world bike capital, but then I got here and it seemed as if half the vehicles taking up space in the vast network of protected bike lanes were not bikes, but e-scooters! So this became a video about how a city can have the right conditions (weather, flatness) and make the right moves (tons of investment in protected facilities), but they can’t necessarily control how people use the infrastructure.”

Nic Laporte on the Valencia Street bike lane experiment, San Francisco: “I took a trip to the San Francisco bay area a couple weeks ago and had the chance to check out the cycling infrastructure curiosity, the center running bike lane on Valencia street. Is this bike way a good idea? or a bad idea? I put my thoughts out there…let me know what you think.”

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