I wasn’t worried about climate change. Now I am.

Trigger warnings: crop failure, famine, drought, heat waves, mass migration, political tensions, pandemics
January 27, 2024

In this video I explain what climate sensitivity is and why it is important. Climate sensitivity is a number that roughly speaking tells us how fast climate change will get worse. A few years ago, after various software improvements, a bunch of climate models began having a much higher climate sensitivity than previously. Climate scientists have come up with reasons for why to ignore this. I think it’s a bad idea to ignore this.

Sabine Hossenfelder – Text above is from original video description.

Sabine comes around, after being a bit dismissive with a video whose thumbnail declared “PLEASE STOP SCARING PPL”.

Key quotes:

  • I don’t want to withhold from you that some climate scientists have criticized the new Hanson et al paper. They have called it a “worst-case scenario” that is “quite subjective and not justified by observations, model studies or literature.”
  • Because if the climate sensitivity is indeed that high, then we have maybe 20 years or so until our economies collapse.
  • But it just blows my mind how mindfuckingly stupid it is that the lives of all people on this planet  depend on an obscure discussion about the properties of supercooled water droplets in a type  of cloud whose name I can’t even remember.
  • So we have famine and drought and heat waves.  But it’s just, you know, where poor people live, it isn’t really our problem, right?
  • It’s going to  be really unpleasant, will quite possibly reduce the world population by a few billion,  and it’s not a world that I want to live in.

Hossenfelder recommendations: Carbon Price, Renewables, Nuclear, Carbon Removal

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Studies discussed in this video:

Yeah, but.. and:

  • “…the real story here is that climate models that have shown themselves to be bad at simulating climate change get weird results when asked to simulate future climate change”
  • We do strongly agree with ClimateAdam’s take on her words around nuclear, carbon capture, and civil disobedience, starting at 14:04.
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