Cop28 deal will fail unless rich countries quit fossil fuels, says climate negotiator

Uganda will hold G77 presidency next and is also constructing one of the world's largest fossil fuel projects.
January 19, 2024
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From The Guardian - Climate Change

Select quotes from article:

  • In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Pedro Pedroso, the outgoing president of the G77 plus China bloc of developing countries, warned that the landmark deal made at last year’s climate talks in Dubai risked failing.
  • “As we speak, unless we lie to ourselves, none of the major developed countries, who are the most important historical emitters, have policies that are moving away from fossil fuels, on the contrary, they are expanding,” said Pedroso.
  • But developing countries have long been united in demanding that developed countries honor their legally binding obligations under the Paris agreement – and deliver on the means of implementation.
  • The G77 presidency rotates annually, and Pedroso will next week hand over the baton to Uganda – where the government is working with neighboring Tanzania and the French conglomerate TotalEnergies to construct one of the world’s largest fossil fuel projects, the 900-mile east Africa crude oil pipeline.


Read the full post at The Guardian - Climate Change.

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