Beyond Activism: Law as a Climate Tool

Serge de Gheldere is a climate activist and business leader who advocates for legal action to enforce environmental policies and catalyze systemic change.
January 17, 2024

Serge de Gheldere advocates for innovative climate justice using legal tools. His talk centers on the “Klimaatzaak”, a landmark lawsuit against Belgian governments for inadequate climate change action.

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He emphasizes the transformative power of legal action in enforcing environmental policies and catalyzing systemic change. This approach advocates not only for mitigating climate impacts but also for benefits like sustainable urban planning. Serge’s journey from business advocate to climate activist exemplifies the urgency and effectiveness of this method in tackling the climate crisis, making a compelling call for integrated action in energy sustainability and social equity. Serge de Gheldere isn’t just talking about a greener future; he’s building it. As CEO of Futureproofed, he equips cities and businesses with tools to slash their carbon footprints. But he’s not stopping at boardrooms. As chair of Klimaatzaak, he’s led a legal crusade against the Belgian government, even filing an appeal for concrete CO₂ targets. Trained by Al Gore in 2006, Serge sees the carbon gap not as a challenge, but as an untapped well of business potential and societal gain.

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Beyond Activism: Law as a Climate Tool | Serge de Gheldere | TEDxBrussels

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