Axios on techno-optimists

They don't talk much about climate change, though their fave candidate is ostensibly an environmentalist. But maybe no longer a good one.
January 30, 2024
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  • Techno-optimists “have a fairly common ideology: unfettered free speech, pro-artificial intelligence, anti-mainstream media, and deep skepticism of DEI, political correctness and elite consensus.”
  • X has shifted from a hotbed for mainstream media groupthink in 2020, to a hotbed of tech/anti-establishment groupthink for this election. They high-five each other with retweets and X-only interviews.
  • Kara Swisher is critical of this crowd and their taunting tactics. She chalks it up to billionaire boredom and the need to be relevant:
    • “You can be bullish on many new innovations and still be worried about its implications.”
  • If the techno-optimists have a presidential candidate, it’s RFK Jr.. But if they decide a third-party candidate isn’t viable, they seem much more likely to turn to former President Trump than President Biden, based on their posts and podcasts.

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