Is there science behind a fossil fuel phaseout?

We take exception to her point.
December 20, 2023

Sultan Al Jaber recently said that there is “no science” behind a phase-out of fossil fuels, prompting a lot of outrage among climate scientists. I think he is right. Here I am trying to explain why.

Text above is from original video description.

Our take: This is a fairly disingenuous video, playing games with the “if/then” chain of causation. Eliminating fossil fuels is the most expedient way to stop putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as emphasized by the “stupid” options Ms Hossenfelder details.

Renewable energy options are increasingly prominent among regional and national energy sources. Also, our planet will absorb a certain percentage of greenhouse gas emissions — our current problem is that we are exceeding the limits of what the planet can absorb and remove from the environment.

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